This page lists the number of hits of various of my Java files, as of Mon Sep 21 03:30:36 EDT 2020.

The numbers of hits are given for each of the previous four weeks (counted from Sunday 4:25 a.m. to Sunday 4:25 a.m.), and also for the current week (i.e. since the most recent Sunday 4:25 a.m). They are computed by grepping my machine's log files; hits from my own machine are not counted.

In a three-year period within 1998-2001, my tennis and soccer always received more than 1000 hits each per week, and usually more than 2000 hits each per week. (The weekly records are tennis 3153 hits, soccer 5055 hits.) This represented a total of well over half a million hits, for those two games during the three-year period. It must be because of all the links to my Java pages around the net -- thanks everyone! (Of course, since then the hit counts have decreased markedly.)


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