American Government Hypocrisy and the Invasion of Iraq (March 31, 2003)

I am completely opposed to the brutal and illegal American invasion of Iraq, and am pleased that Canada will not participate.

In addition to the senseless slaughter of many thousands of innocent people, the destabilising effect on the Middle East and the world, and the undermining of international law and the United Nations, this invasion is also notable for the blatant hypocrisy of the American government's position and statements.

For example:

In conclusion, there is absolutely no justification (other than access to oil resources) for the Americans to invade Iraq at this time. Their comments and justifications are completely false, contradictory, and hypocritical. This invasion will undermine international law and order for decades to come. We must oppose this invasion with all our energies. Click here for information about anti-war activities in Toronto.

A related comment: My provincial premier, Ernie Eves, has apparently claimed that "it is important to support our American neighbours" regardless of the lack of justification for their invasion of Iraq. Premier Eves certainly does not speak for me, nor for most Ontarians. The American invasion of Iraq is illegal and immoral. Canadians oppose this invasion because it is WRONG -- and unlike Premier Eves, we think right and wrong are important, too.

See also my letter to the U.S. ambassador.

I salute the Dixie Chicks (and also the French and German and Russian governments) for their wise, brave anti-war position.

For clarity, I add the following. The American and British soldiers actually conducting the invasion are indeed brave and heroic people. They are risking their lives and enduring great hardships to carry out the orders of their respective governments. Our objection is not to them, but to the orders that they have been given, namely to invade Iraq without justification. We do indeed "support the troops", and the best way to "support" them is to bring all combatants home safely, right away.

Also, I do fully acknowledge that Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator, and the world would be better off without him. However, if an invasion is launched every time it is determined the the world would be better off without some leader, then international anarchy will be the result.

For balance, let me also acknowledge that the United States is a great country in many ways, and Canada does benefit greatly by having them as a neighbour, ally, and friend, and we should support them wherever possible. However, on the subject of the invasion of Iraq they are wrong, dead wrong, and we should not support them when they are wrong. (Also, it is the U.S. GOVERNMENT which is wrong, not U.S. citizens as a whole -- many Americans do NOT support their government's actions, and we salute them for this.)

Finally, I do realise that there are strong feelings on both sides of these issues, and I'm sure some people will be offended by my opinions. To them let me say that while I doubt we will convince each other, I do respect their right to express their opinions, and I hope they respect my right to express mine as well.