Welcome to Space Tag! In this game, you fly around in a green spaceship, which you rotate with 'j' and 'k' and accelerate by repeatedly pressing space. You try to catch the purple "goodies", and avoid the black "police". Along the way you will encounter other objects like planets (with gravity!), space-stations, worm-holes, etc. For complete instructions click here. Press 'e' for easy mode, or 'p' to pause/unpause. Also available is a larger or smaller version.

NEW (December 2002): Many new features have been added, including torpedoes (which you can fire with 'x'), monsters (who may shoot back at you), bouncy blobs (hard to catch), creatures (planet-dwelling), and a high-score list (for over 50 points).

Commands: . . . . k = rotate right . . . . j = rotate left . . . . [space] = accelerate . . . . x = fire torpedo

[Oops, your browser will not display java applets. Instead, you may wish to try the jar file (which can be run after you download Java), or a slightly-related JavaScript game.]

To play again, press "A". You might also enjoy my manymoons simulation or my other applets.

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