STA 261F Policies (Spring, 2004)

What follows are some policies related to Test #2 for STA 261F in Spring, 2004.


The Test #2 papers will be returned in your tutorial (not lecture), hopefully on March 31.


If you miss a test unavoidably due to illness, then you must submit to your TA (not your instructor) a "University Of Toronto Student Medical Certificate" form, available on the web at
This form should be filled in by you and your doctor, and then presented (along with any other supporting documentation) to your TA as soon as possible.

If your claim of illness is found to be valid, and you are excused from writing the test, then the weight will get shifted to the final exam.


If you feel that there was a genuine error in the grading of your test, then you should write or type a full explanation of your concern on a separate piece of paper. (Also include your full name, student number, e-mail address, and telephone number.)

Then put this explanation, together with your test paper (unaltered), into a full-size envelope, with your name and your TA's name written on it. Give this envelope to your TA, within one week of when the graded tests are first available. All regrading requests must be done in writing -- you may not argue your grade in person.

Your claim will then be re-examined by the original grader. If your claim of grading error is found to be valid, then an appropriate adjustment to your mark will be made.

Note that you must not alter your test paper in any way before submitting it for regrading -- any such altering will be treated as a serious academic offence.

Also, you should restrict your requests for regrading to genuine, clear grading errors (e.g. incorrectly adding up the marks, or marking a solution as wrong when it is actually correct). Attempts to "squeeze" a few more marks despite having an incorrect solution will not be appreciated.

Also: You must submit the above documentation to your own TA, as determined by the STA261 tutorial assignments. You may not submit it to the instructor or to another TA. [If tutorials are over and you are unable to locate your TA, then you can instead hand in the envelope at the main Statistics Department office, SS6018, to be transfered to your TA by the secretary there.]

Regrading Appeals Procedure

The regrading decision of the original grader will be considered final, and you may not request yet another regrading from any TA after that.

The only exception is, if after the regrading phase you are still absolutely certain that your grade is still in error, then you may instigate a "regrading appeal" to the instructor (not to a TA). To do this, write a fresh note explaining precisely what aspect of the grading you are still unhappy about. Put this fresh note, together with your test paper (still unaltered) and your previous regrading note, into a fresh envelope, and give that envelope to the instructor -- not to your TA.

However, please note the following. In the event of a regrading appeal, then in addition to examining the question whose grade you are appealing, the instructor may also choose to re-examine the grading of other questions or even your entire test, with a critical eye, and may decide to deduct additional marks from the grading of various questions. Hence, it is possible that your test mark will end up going down rather than up. Thus, you should only make use of this "regrading appeal procedure" if you are completely confident that your test grade is lower than it should be.

Furthermore, this regrading appeal option must be exercised within one week of your test being regraded, and in any case no later than April 26, 2004.