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-- Margaret Fulford




  • The first document above (see lines 14 through 16) is a passenger manifest showing that Leia Black (who was Samuel's mother, i.e., Joseph's grandmother) was planning to sail from Liverpool to Philadelphia on June 14, 1905, along with her son Chaim and daughter Beila. Their ages are given as Leia, age 35; Chaim, age 14; and Beila, age 10. If they had taken this voyage, they would have arrived on June 26.
  • But we can see that they did not in fact sail at this time, since their names are crossed out, and next to their names it says "NOB," which stands for "Not On board."
  • According to "A Guide to Interpreting Passenger List Annotations" by Marian L. Smith, "Often passengers booked to sail on a given ship did not depart. Perhaps they missed the ship, or changed their travel plans, or became ill and health officials prevented them from boarding the ship." We know (from Samuel's statement to the Special Board of Inquiry when he arrived in Philadelphia a month earlier) that Leia wasn't able to sail in May because of a sick child in London (presumably Beila), so perhaps Beila wasn't deemed well enough to travel?
  • Leia's husband Abram Blech's address in given as 105 Rivington St., New York. This is on the Lower East Side of Manhattan -- see this address today in Google Maps.
  • The second document above is a list of outgoing passengers from the UK, which according to the Ancestry site corresponds to the same cancelled voyage on June 14, 1905. Here is the transcription, copied from Ancestry:
    Leia Blech
    in the UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960

    Name: Leia Blech
    Gender: Female
    Age: 30
    Birth Date: abt 1875
    Departure Date: 14 Jun 1905
    Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
    Destination Port: Philadelphia, USA
    Ship Name: Westernland
    This document (differing from the first document above) gives their ages as Leia, age 30; Chaim, age 17; and Beila, age 5.