Part 6: Subheadings (continued)

B. Choosing one subheading

Choosing only one subheading is a useful approach if you're researching a particular aspect of TMJ disorders -- such as their causes.

If you aren't sure what's covered by a certain subheading, you can click the i to get information about it. E.g., if we click the i next to Etiology:


we see the following info:

Subheading Information for Etiology

Clicking "Continue" takes us back to the previous screen. Then we can check Etiology:

Subheadings for: exp Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

We get these results:

exp Temporomandibular Joint Disorders/et [Etiology] - 659

In the Search History, after our Subject Heading it says "/et [Etiology]" -- this reminds us that we chose only one subheading, Etiology. ("et" is just a MEDLINE abbreviation for this subheading.)

Part 6: Subheadings (continued)
C.  Choosing several subheadings

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