The crimCV software package

This is the web page for the R software package "crimCV", designed to study the number of latent groups in group-based criminal trajectory analysis.

The motivation and use of this software is described in the paper Group-based Criminal Trajectory Analysis using Cross-Validation Criteria, by J.D. Nielsen, J.S. Rosenthal, Y. Sun, D.M. Day, I. Bevc, and T. Duchesne,

To use this software, it is first necessary to obtain the R programming environment by following the instructions at

Then, you need start up R and install and load the crimCV package, in one of two different ways:

Option #1 -- using CRAN:
Run R, by double-clicking the R icon or typing 'R' on the unix (Terminal) command-line.

Then, at the R prompt '>', type 'chooseCRANmirror()' and then select the closest repository.

Then, at the R prompt '>', type 'install.packages("crimCV")' to install the crimCV package. (Note: you need to have administrative privileges on your computer to install packages.)

Option #2 -- using local files:
On Mac/UNIX/Linux machines, download the file crimCV_0.9.tar.gz, and then install crimCV by typing on the unix (Terminal) command-line:
R CMD INSTALL crimCV_0.9.tar.gz
Then run R, by double-clicking the R icon or typing 'R' on the unix (Terminal) command-line.

Or, on Microsoft Windows machines, instead download the zip file, then run R by double-clicking the R icon, and click on "packages" and select "Install package(s) from local zip file".

Once you have installed crimCV and run R, then at the R prompt '>', type:
to load crimCV into R, and then type:
for a description of the software, options, and an example of usage.

You may contact us with questions.

Good luck,

J.D. Nielsen and J.S. Rosenthal