UEFA Football Group Draw Generation

By Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, in collaboration with Gareth O. Roberts, July 2022. Based on preliminary information about the qualifying teams and rankings and constraints, which may change! See the instructions below, and the related project description.

Instructions: This web page uses a JavaScript program to perform one of three different methods to generate uniform-probability draws of teams into groups for the UEFA Champions League in 2022; for details see the related project description.

Click "Single Draw" for the rejection-sampler method, or "Balls Update" (repeatedly) for the multiple-balls method, or "one" or "+" (repeatedly) for the swapping method.

Alternatively, use the following keyboard shortcuts (after clicking on the canvas): 'd' for a single rejection-sampler draw; 'b' (repeatedly) to update the multiple-balls method; '1' to update one swap step; '0-9' to set the swap speed; 's' to toggle between row-by-row or randomised swaps; 'r' to restart the swaps; or 'y' to toggle between the World Cup years 2018 and 2022.

This program is written by Jeffrey Rosenthal, in collaboration with Gareth Roberts, in July 2022. See our related project description. See also my other JavaScript and my general-interest book.