The Space Adventures of Dr. J

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. The following "Dr. J" java-animation episodes are available:
  1. Introducing Dr. J (1998-10)
  2. First Contact (1998-11)
  3. Something Missing (1998-11)
  4. The Legendary Planet (1999-12)
  5. Ups and Downs (2000-01)
  6. The Voyage Home (2000-04)
  7. Back at the Office (2001-08)
Please check them out, and let me know what you think! The more e-mail I get, the more quickly I will create the next episode!

There are even some Dr. J fan items: a Dr. J keychain (from Gami), a Dr. J mouse pad (from Anjali and the grad students), and a Dr. J music box (from Charlene and Hayden) that recites some lines from the first episode -- thanks everyone!!

-- Jeffrey Rosenthal (contact me)

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