This is my "evolution" Java applet. Four amoebas are created (red, green, blue, and black), each containing a "stinger" to kill others. When an amoeba manages to kill another, then the victim dies, and the killer gives birth to a fresh amoeba. (The fresh amoeba is a randomly-mutated version of the killer.)

Each amoeba has four parameters: size, speed of rotation, frequency of deployment of stinger, and span of stinger. (Also displayed is the number of other amoebas it has killed without being killed itself.) Over time, the amoebas should evolve into beings well suited to their environment. But what parameters give rise to the most powerful amoebas?

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To reset all amoebas to the initial parameter reset values (as shown at the bottom in yellow), press 'A'. To reset just one amoeba, use its own reset key ('R', 'G', 'B', or 'L'). To pause/unpause the simulation, press 'p' or 'P'. (Note: You may need to first "click" on the applet with your mouse, before key inputs will work.)

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