Policy on the use of my Java applets

A number of people have asked to use some of my Java applets on their own web site. My policy in this regard is as follows.

If your site is non-profit, then you may add my java applets to it for free, by copying the appropriate .html and .class files from my server to yours. I do ask, however, that you inform me of your actions, and furthermore that on your page you give me "credit" as applet author, including a link back to my own web page.

If your site is for profit, then I would ask for a small fee for using my applets on your site. The fee could be an annual fee, or a one-time sum, or a fixed tiny fraction of your profits, or something like that (I am quite flexible). If you are interested in this, then please e-mail me to negotiate a fair arrangement.

In any case, you are always welcome to add links from your site to my java applet pages, for free. I would appreciate your letting me know of such links, but you don't have to.

Thank you very much for your interest in my applets. If you have any questions then please e-mail me.

Jeffrey Rosenthal (contact me)