Jeffrey S. Rosenthal's "Faces" Computer Vision Applet

This is my "faces" Java applet (version of June 26, 2008) for automated pattern detection. An explanation is below. The algorithm is analysed in my research paper Optimising Monte Carlo Search Strategies for Automated Pattern Detection (pdf) (J.S. Rosenthal, Far East J. Math. Sci. 32(3), 2009, 311-328).

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This applet allows the user to draw an image of their choice, and then have the computer attempt to find either "faces" (i.e., two eyes and a nose), or "blobs" (i.e., simple oval shapes) of concentrated dots on the image. An explanation of the image controls (yellow buttons) is as follows:

The user may also click on the image itself to draw image dots (one dot at a time).

In addition, the applet's control buttons (blue) allow for adjusting a number of parameters of the search algorithm. For more details, see my recent research paper (or before and after images). See also the source code.

Note that the algorithm does not "cheat" by making use of the order in which the dots were created, nor which dots were created by the user and which ones at random. Rather, it makes use of the final image array and nothing more.

In the future, I hope to allow for importing external images (e.g. photographs) rather than just drawing them.

My interest in computer vision was inspired by a talk by Yali Amit and a meeting with Sven Dickinson.

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For archiving purposes, my previous applet versions are also available: