Jeffrey Rosenthal's Earlier Comedy Videos

Over the years, my friends and I have made a number of short semi-improvised comedic videos, partially inspired by our improv comedy performing. Yes, they're silly. Yes, they're low-quality. But they were a lot of fun to make, and hopefully they're at least somewhat fun to watch. Click on a video below to play it. (See also some later comedic videos with Mike Ranieri, some Star Wars spoof videos, and some probability interviews, or return to the main page.)

Star Trek meets Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (15:17; circa 2000)

An amusing spoof about Star Trek characters on a game show. Complete with mock sci-fi special effects! Presented here in two parts. (Also available directly on youtube: part I and part II. Or in Quicktime: part I and part II.)

The Lash Miller Project (8:19; circa 1999)

A semi-improvised spoof about a serial killer in the University of Toronto Chemistry Department, made right after seeing the movie "The Blair Witch Project".

Also available directly on youtube or in Quicktime.

Star Trek's Lt. Worf on Gilligan's Island (4:02 or 9:57; circa 1999)

A short improvised spoof of Star Trek's Klingon Lt. Worf arriving on Gilligan's Island. Action includes a dramatic Worf-versus-Gilligan mock battle, and yet another failed attempt to get off the island. Presented here in both shorter version (4:02) and longer version (9:57); take your pick! (Also available directly on youtube: shorter, longer. Or in Quicktime.)

Star Trek's Deanna Troi interviews the Grand Negus (1:24; circa 1998)

A short improvised interview of Deanna Troi and the Grand Negus from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (The camera is shaking because the cameraman was laughing too much!)

Also available directly on youtube, or in Quicktime.

La Victoria (1:13; circa 2003)

A short, silly video starring me in two different roles. The action highlight is a pillow fight between the two characters!

Also available directly on youtube, or in Quicktime.

Official selection for the My Tapes show on April 6, 2011.

The Interrogation (3:19; circa 1999)

Another short, silly video again starring me in two different roles, this time in a mock-dramatic courtroom showdown. Who will confess first?

Also available directly on youtube, or in Quicktime.

The Eye Doctor and the Eclipse (4:06; circa 1999)

My nephews' acting debut, when they were very young.

Includes outtakes at the end -- perhaps the best part!

Also available directly on youtube, or in Quicktime.

See also some later comedic videos with Mike Ranieri, and some Star Wars videos.

On a more serious note, after my probability book Struck by Lightning was a success in 2005, I recorded a number of television interviews about it.

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