Pathogenicity Probability Calculator

(A simple javascript calculator of pathogenicity probabilities, as described in the paper by M. Gollob, J.S. Rosenthal, and K.E. Thorpe.)

Values to be input:

Enter values for the parameters p and q and r in the boxes provided, as either decimal (e.g. "0.02") or percentage (e.g. "30"%) or reciprocal (e.g. 1/"400"). Then press return, or click or tab away from the input box. The corresponding pathogenicity probability will be computed and displayed below.

Disease prevalence (p): (decimal) or % (percentage) or 1/ (reciprocal)

Healthy variant rate (q): (decimal) or % (percentage) or 1/ (reciprocal)

Diseased variant rate (r): (decimal) or % (percentage) or 1/ (reciprocal)

Calculator output:

Alternatively, you can compute the pathogenicity probability using a simple R function.