Galactic Peace Interactive Fiction Game

This is the web page for the small, simple TADS interactive fiction (text adventure) game Galactic Peace, by Jeffrey Rosenthal, released March 2009, updated August 2010. To play Galactic Peace, either use the Java applet below, or (better) download the game file gpeace.gam to play it on your own computer using a free TADS interpreter. If you get stumped, consult the full solution file, gpeace.walkthru. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome. Enjoy!

(More information about IF games and TADS interpreters is available here.)

To play this game, type ordinary English commands (and then press Enter). Particularly useful commands include "examine <something>", "enter", "exit", "press <whatever> button", "take <something>", "ask <someone> about <something>", "put <something> on <something>", and the movement commands "up", "down", "east", etc. Other useful commands include "wait", "look", "inventory", and "score". Some additional commands will be required too.

And, if you complete the game, then I will add you to the official winners list!

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(This Java applet was created using the package Jetty. On some browsers, you may have to click your mouse on the scroll bar before you can see the text.)

For more about IF, see e.g. the Interactive Fiction Archive, or Baf's Guide, or the IFDB, or my own IF page. My favourite IF game is Lost New York by Neil deMause.

This page provided by Jeffrey Rosenthal; see his IF page and computing page and non-work page.