2. Defining the vocabulary

To be sure you understand all the terms in your assigned topic, it's a good idea to look them up in dictionaries. Also, note any synonyms you come across -- this will help later when you're searching for articles etc.

If your essay were about "aphthous ulcers", and you looked this term up in Stedman's Medical Dictionary, you would find a definition, along with other terms used to describe the same condition: "aphthous stomatitis", "recurrent aphthous stomatitis", "canker sores", "ulcerative stomatitis", etc.

Stedman's Medical Dictionary, which contains many terms relevant to dentistry, is available electronically to U of T students and staff. (To consult Stedman's or other electronic reference sources from off campus, enter your my.access barcode and PIN.)

Another useful dictionary is Mosby's dental dictionary, which is available (in print format) at the Dental Library.

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