Part 8: Combining (continued)

Details of how we did the searches (prior to combining using "OR")

First we searched for TMJ disorder, and mapped it to Subject Heading:

Your term mapped...

Then we exploded the Subject Heading Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and included all subheadings:

Your term mapped...

We got these results:

exp Temporomandibular Joint Disorders/ - 2688

Next we did our second search, for articles about the temporomandibular joint. We typed our term and checked "Map Term to Subject Heading"

temporomandibular joint

This mapped to the Subject Heading Temporomandibular Joint:

Your term mapped to the following...

We clicked the Subject Heading to see its Tree:

Tree for Temporomandibular Joint

The Tree showed that there was also a more specific Subject Heading, Temporomandibular Joint Disc, below our Subject Heading. We were interested in this too, so we checked EXPLODE and clicked "Continue":

Temporomandibular Joint

We then decided to include all subheadings:

Temporomandibular Joint Include All Subheadings

This retrieved 1,877 results:

exp Temporomandibular Joint/ - 1877

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