Part 9: Limiting (continued)

C. Limits to avoid

There are two limit options which sound inviting but which you may want to avoid:

Ovid Full Text Available

This limits your search to articles for which Ovid provides the full text. If you check this, you are not only denying yourself all the articles available in your library in print format, but you may also be denying yourself many full-text articles purchased by your library from providers other than Ovid.

For instance, at the University of Toronto, if you'd applied this Ovid full-text limit to the search in the previous section, the article "Corticosteroid treatment of childhood Bell's palsy" (published in Pediatric Neurology in 1999) would have been excluded from your results. But in fact, this article is available full-text through U of T Libraries' electronic subscription to Pediatric Neurology!

Another limit that you may want to avoid is:

Local Holdings

In theory this limits you to journals held by your library. However, at some libraries, it is ill-advised to check this.

For instance, Ovid is not aware (as of 2004) of every print journal owned by the University of Toronto Dental Library, nor is it aware of every electronic journal held by University of Toronto Libraries. So at U of T, if you checked this limit, you would be accidentally eliminating articles from some journals your library does have!

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Part 9: Limiting
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