Part 9: Limiting

A. The most popular limits

Limiting your search can be a good way to narrow your search results to those you want most.

The most popular limits are shown just below the search box:

Limit to:

So you can limit right away, when you type your search term. E.g., if you were researching tooth abrasion and weren't interested in animal studies, you could limit your search to "Human":

tooth abrasion

This would eliminate about 300 of the articles about Tooth Abrasion:

Search History

Another popular limit is Publication Year. Let's say you're researching fluoridation, and you only want articles published between 2002 and 2004. You use the drop-down menus for Publication Year:


So, rather than getting 4,000 articles, you get just 109.

Search History

Another useful limit is "Review Articles". Let's say you're researching tooth remineralization, and you've decided to limit your search to review articles (i.e., articles which summarize past research on a particular subject and describe the current state of knowledge in the area):

tooth remineralization

You would find 98 review articles with the Subject Heading Tooth Remineralization:

tooth remineralization

You can limit in multiple ways at once. E.g., you could limit your search to review articles that are in English and were published between 2000 and 2004:

tooth remineralization

You'd get 22 articles:

Search History

As you can see, when there are a lot of articles on your topic, limiting can be a great way of zeroing in on what you need.

Part 9: Limiting (continued)
B.  Additional limits

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