Part 3: Searching and search results (continued)

D. The Results Manager

If you want, you can read through your results on the screen. To display the next ten results, click:

Next Results

You can also use the "Results Manager" (at the bottom of the screen) to display, print, save, or e-mail your results.

First you choose which results you want. One option is to check off the results that interest you, as you go along:

Author search results checked

If you've done this, then you can choose "Selected Results":


Otherwise, you can choose all the results on the current page:

All on this page

Or you can choose all the results in the set (i.e., all the results of the currently displayed search):

All in this set

Or you can specify a range -- e.g., if you want the first five results:

Next, you choose which fields you'd like to see -- e.g.:


Then, you choose your preferred format and indicate whether you'd like to include your search history:

Result Format

(It's best to check "Include Search History", so you'll have a record of how you came up with these search results.)

Finally, you choose an action, such as Email (to e-mail the results to yourself):



When viewing results, if you want to get back to the main search page, just click:

Main Search Page

Part 3: Searching and search results (continued)
E.  Other simple searches

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