JEFF & FRIENDS II - A music show on Saturday October 24, 1998

On Saturday, October 24, 1998, at 9:00 p.m., I organized the music show Jeff & Friends II at The Oasis in downtown Toronto (294 College St., just west of Spadina, phone 975-0845). It was a follow-up show to the original Jeff & Friends show.

This show featured many of the same performers as the original Jeff & Friends (see poster, set list). The consensus was that it was "even hotter", with well over 100 people crowding in to hear. I performed blues, rock, jazz, and folk music with many different performers, and it was again a big success.

Sound Files:

The following sound files are all in RealPlayer format (and mp3).

Note that these songs were all just recorded on a walkman condenser microphone, and were not re-mixed or edited, so the quality and balance are far from perfect!

Thanks to Michael Rosenthal and Geraldine Sherman for assistance in recording and creating these music files. All photos are courtesy of Helen Rosenthal and Geraldine Sherman -- thanks!!

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