Jeffrey Rosenthal's Comedy Videos

Over the years, my friends and I have made a number of short silly semi-improvised comedic videos, partially inspired by our improv comedy performing. They were a lot of fun to make, and hopefully they're at least somewhat fun to watch. Click on a category below to see those videos, or see my YouTube channel including this play; see also this Star Trek spoof radio play audio and this video excerpt.

Tricia / Mike / Jeff videos (circa 2011)

  • Including Fuzzy Love and the celebrated one-minute flick Hey Baby which was an official selection for the 2011 Toronto Urban Film Festival and was shown on Toronto subway screens.)

    Comedic videos with Mike Ranieri (2004 - 2009)

  • Including Last Man On Earth and Matter of Time and Zombie Christmas Special and other fine My Tapes selections.

    Earlier comedic videos (1999 - 2003)

  • Including such classics as The Lash Miller Project, such Star Trek spoofs as Who Wants to Win a Million Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum and Gilligan and Worf, and the My Tapes selection La Victoria. (Not to mention my nephews' acting debut.)

    See also:

  • A recording of the Star Trek spoof radio play Chronocide (mp3), that I performed music and some voices for in July 1999.
  • Some short silly Star Wars spoof videos, created in 2010 for the Star Wars Uncut project.
  • A ten-second claymation movie (also available on youtube), that I co-created in early 2011 at an NFB workshop arranged by a meetup group.
  • Television interviews related to my probability book Struck by Lightning.
  • My musical performing (a few videos plus lots of audio recordings).
  • My Dr. J java animation series.

  • Most of my videos are also available directly from my youtube channel.

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