This is a (browser-friendly) copy of the agenda of the Serial Diners, a group founded in 1989 and dedicated to dining at every restaurant listed in the Toronto Yellow Pages, in alphabetical order, at the rate of one per week. The group meets every Friday at the designated restaurant at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome! See also the Serial Diners rules, awards, an article and article2 and article3 and article4 and television spot and French-language spot about them, and the previous agenda.

July 5, 2013:

Lola's Commissary .
634 Church St. (at Charles St.: from Bloor/Yonge Station, walk E to Church, then walk S).
Phone: 416-966-3991.

July 12, 2013:

Lolita's Lust-Chinchilla Lounge [Ed. Note: ``Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.''].
513 Danforth Ave. (at Fenwick, between Chester and Pape: walk E from Chester Station or W from Pape Station).
Phone: 416-465-1751.

July 19, 2013:

London Tap House [Ed. Note: London calling to the faraway towns / Now war is declared, and battle come down.].
Main - 250 Adelaide St. West (at Duncan, a few blocks W of University: from St. Andrew Station, walk N to Adelaide, then walk W).
Phone: 416-205-1234.

July 26, 2013:

Lone Star Texas Grill.
200 Front St. West (just W of Simcoe St.: from Union Station, walk W on Front).
Phone: 416-408-4064.

August 2, 2013:

Longest Yard Restaurant The.
535 Mount Pleasant Rd. (at Belsize, 2 blocks N of Davisville: take 11 or 28 bus E from Davisville Station to Mt. Pleasant, then walk N; or, to save yourself the two-block walk, take 74 bus from St. Clair Station, which goes E on St. Clair, then N on Mt. Pleasant to Belsize).
Phone: 416-487-6468.

August 9, 2013:

Longrain Inc.
3039 Lake Shore Blvd. West (at Tenth St., 3 blocks W of Islington: take 110 bus [not 110A or 110B] S from Islington Station to Lake Shore and Tenth St. - which is the stop after Islington and Lake Shore; or, for a very long streetcar ride, take 501 streetcar W from Osgoode Station or Queen Station).
Phone: 416-252-8424.

August 16, 2013:

Loose Moose The.
146 Front St. West (just W of University: from Union Station, walk W on Front).
Phone: 416-977-8840.

August 23, 2013:

L'opera Patisserie et Cafe [Ed. Note: ``Oh mighty warrior of great fighting stock. Might I inquire to ask, eh... what's up, doc?''].
5291 Yonge St. (at McKee, 4 blocks N of Empress Ave. [and the Empress Walk]: walk N from North York Centre Station).
Phone: 416-733-8830.

August 30, 2013:

Los Arrieros Restaurants.
276 Jane St. (at Ardagh St., several long blocks N of Bloor: take 26,35, or 55 bus N from Jane Station).
Phone: 416-761-1600.

September 6, 2013:

Lotus Garden Restaurant.
3460 Danforth Ave. (just W of Warden: take 20 bus E from Main Street Station [this bus travels E along Danforth Ave.]; or take 69A or 135 bus S from Warden Station to Danforth Ave. [not Danforth Rd.!], then walk W).
Phone: 416-686-7500.

September 13, 2013:

Lou Dawgs Southern Sandwiches.
76 Gerrard St. East (just E of Church: from College Station, walk S to Gerrard, then walk E).
Phone: 647-349-3294.

September 20, 2013:

Love at First Bite [Ed. Note: Children of the night, shut up!] .
96 Gerrard St. East (a bit E of Church: from College Station, walk S to Gerrard, then walk E, just a bit past Lou Dawgs Southern Sandwiches!).
Phone: 416-977-1836.

September 27, 2013:

Lucien Restaurant [Ed. Note: ``I can remember the title, author, and location of every book in this library, Matthew. Every book that's ever been dreamed. Every book that's ever been imagined. Every book that's ever been lost. Millions upon millions of them. That's what I remember. It's my job.''].
36 Wellington St. East (2 blocks E of Yonge, 1 block W of Church: from King Station, walk S to Wellington, then walk E).
Phone: 416-504-9990.


October 4, 2013:

Lucky Dice Restaurant.
2868 Lake Shore Blvd. West (at Fifth St., 2 blocks E of Islington: take 110 bus [not 110A or 110B] S from Islington Station to Lake Shore, then walk 2 blocks E; or, for a very long streetcar ride, take 501 streetcar W from Osgoode Station or Queen Station).
Phone: 416-251-4033.

October 11, 2013:

Lucky Dragon.
418 Spadina Ave. (about 11/2 blocks S of College: take 510 streetcar S from Spadina Station; or take 506 streetcar W from Queen's Park or College Station, then walk S).
Phone: 416-598-7823.

October 18, 2013:

Lucky Dragon Restaurant.
2524 Keele St. (at Maple Leaf Drive, N of Lawrence: take 41 bus N from Keele Station; or take 52, 58, or 59 bus W from Lawrence West Station to Keele, then transfer to the 41 bus N on Keele [or walk several blocks N]).
Phone: 416-243-0630.

October 25, 2013:

Lucky Lin's Restaurant Inc.
226 Markham Rd. (just N of Eglinton: take 34, 86, or 116 bus E from Kennedy Station along Eglinton to Markham, then walk N).
Phone: 416-267-8691.

November 1, 2013:

Lucky Star Restaurant [Ed. Note: ``You must be my Lucky Star. 'Cause you shine on me wherever you are.''].
739 Queen St. East (a block E of Broadview: take 501 streetcar E from Queen Station or Osgoode Station to Queen and Broadview, then walk E; or take 504 streetcar S from Broadview Station to Queen, then walk E).
Phone: 416-466-8688.

November 8, 2013:

Luckys Corner.
2111 Jane St. (just N of Downsview Ave., 1 block S of Wilson: take 35 bus N from Jane Station to Downsview Ave.; or take 96 or 165 bus W from Wilson Station or York Mills Station to Jane, then walk 1 block S).
Phone: 416-245-7783.


November 15, 2013:

Lucy Coffee Shop [Ed. Note: ``Beethoven wasn't so great! He never got his picture on bubble gum cards, did he?''].
201 Consumers Rd. (just S of Sheppard: take 85, 167, 169, or 224 bus E from Don Mills Station to Sheppard and Consumers [it's only about three stops], then walk S on Consumers).
Phone: 416-494-1813.

November 22, 2013:

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant [Ed. Note: ``We critical people are always being criticized!''].
1690 Danforth Ave. (1 block E of Coxwell Station).
Phone: 416-406-0534.

November 29, 2013:

Lula Lounge [Ed. Note: Not to be confused with Luma or Luna.].
1585 Dundas St. West (11/2 blocks W of Dufferin: take 29 bus S from Dufferin Station to Dundas, then walk W; or take 505 streetcar W from St. Patrick Station or Dundas Station).
Phone: 416-588-0307.

December 6, 2013:

Luma [Ed. Note: Not to be confused with Lula or Luna.].
330 King St. West (at John, in the Bell Lightbox building: take 504 streetcar W from St. Andrew Station or King Station; or just walk W from St. Andrew Station).
Phone: 647-288-4715.

December 13, 2013:

Luna Cafe [Ed. Note: Not to be confused with Lula or Luma.].
181 Dovercourt Rd. (at Argyle St., S of Dundas and N of Queen: take 63 bus S from Ossington Station to Argyle, then walk W to Dovercourt; or take 501 streetcar W from Osgoode Station or Queen Station to Dovercourt, then walk N).
Phone: 416-588-3374.

December 20, 2013:

Lunch Bucket Inc [Ed. Note: A new bucket for monsieur!].
4069 Chesswood Dr. (at Vanley Cres., N of Sheppard: take 107B bus (not 107C) from Downsview Station, which takes a circuitous route to Chesswood & Vanley [note that at the time of writing, this bus only runs until 6:29]; or take 84, 106, 107C or 108 bus W from Downsview Station to Sheppard and Chesswood, then walk N).
Phone: 416-636-4949.

December 27, 2013:

Lunch Market.
177 Dundas St. West (a couple of blocks E of University: walk E from St. Patrick Station; or take 505 streetcar W from Dundas Station).
Phone: 416-913-0200.

January 3, 2014:

Lung Tung BBQ Food.
4227 Sheppard Ave. East (just E of Midland: take 85 bus E from Don Mills Station to Sheppard and Midland; or take 57 bus N from Midland Station to Sheppard and Midland).
Phone: 416-293-6669.

January 10, 2014:

L'Unita Restaurant.
134 Avenue Rd. (at Davenport: take 6 bus N from Bay Station to Avenue & Davenport; or walk N from Museum Station).
Phone: 416-964-8686.

January 17, 2014:

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