Jeffrey Rosenthal's Music

I enjoy playing rock, blues, and folk music. I own and play (in approximate order of competence) the following musical instruments: guitar, keyboard, harmonica, saxophone, trumpet, penny whistle, and bongo drums. I also sing, and write songs.

Quick links to some MP3 sound files: Knapsack Woman, High Park, Confusing Wonder, Over and Over Again, Never Satisfied, Aide-moi, Aide-moi, Anywhere (from my CD Just for Fun).

... and to some youtube performances: MCMC Saga, Bayesian World, Valencia, The Number, MOOC song.

... and to my house band: the Lasagna Hogs (see the home music recordings).

... and for singalongs: my songlist.

And now some details ...

I sometimes perform musical accompanyment at comedy shows, see e.g. here and here and here.

In June 2015, I performed musical accompaniment for the Mumberley Inheritance play (see flyer, poster, Facebook, review1, review2, YouTube recording).

In February 2017, I performed musical accompaniment and voices for a Sherlock Holmes short play (see video).

In October 2017, I performed musical accompaniment and voices for a Sherlock Holmes radio play with the Oakville Players (see video1, video2).

In February 2018, I performed live music at Belinda's birthday party (see video excerpt).

In 2011 I did a quick home recording of a silly new song, based on a true story: The Saga of the Organic Vegetable Delivery (3:06; see mp3 file and lyrics).

In early 2009 I started a house band, the Lasagna Hogs, with Paul Jan Maria Szeptycki and Margaret Fulford. Check out the band web page including home music recordings.

In 2007 I did some more multi-track home recording, including the new song Knapsack Woman (4:24; see mp3 file and lyrics).

In 2000, I recorded the CD Just for Fun; see the sound files and lyrics.

I have done various live musical performing and recording, around Toronto and elsewhere, including:

I have also performed statistical spoof songs at various statistics/probability conferences, for example:

I have also done various other musical performing, including:

See also my article about the mathematics of music, and a related radio interview.

Please e-mail me if you would like to be informed of future musical performances.

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