STA 201F: Why Numbers Matter (Fall, 2013)

This course teaches non-science students the importance of quantitative reasoning to many different areas. It explores a variety of applications to such diverse subjects as economics, gambling, politics, poetry, graphics, music, medicine, demographics, sports, secret codes, and more, using only basic high school level mathematics combined with logical thinking.

Instructor: Professor Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Department of Statistics, University of Toronto. Sidney Smith Hall, room 5016B; phone 416-978-4594;; 'jeff' at ''

Time and Location: Mondays 1:10 - 3:00 in MP 102 and Wednesdays 1:10 - 2:00 in MP 202 . First class Sept 9. Last class Dec 4 ("Monday makeup"). No class Oct 14 (Thanksgiving) nor Nov 11 (Fall Break). Final exam some time during December 9-20.

Exclusion: This course is not open to first-year students, nor to students enrolled in any science Major or Specialist program.

12% iClicker class participation (thoughout term);
22% Term test #1 (on Oct 21 during class time, in EX room 320);
22% Term test #2 (on Nov 18 during class time, in EX room 320);
44% Final exam (some time during December 9-20).

Note: Students should obtain an iClicker device, available for purchase from the University of Toronto bookstore [unless they select the alternative grading option], and bring it to every class. Then (later) they should register it.

Textbook: None. Students wanting additional background reading can optionaly consult the instructor's somewhat-related book Struck by Lightning. Also, the course instructor will post summary lecture notes on the course's Blackboard page -- but they are not a substitute for attending and actively learning from the course lectures.

More Information: See the course's Blackboard web page.

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