10. Retrieving your articles

Once you have found a citation (author, title, etc.) for an article that interests you, how do you locate the actual article?

If you are using an online periodical index (such as Medline) when you find the article citation, and you want to retrieve the article right away:

You will probably see this very useful button (provided by U of T Libraries) next to the citation:

get it!  UTL

In many cases this "get it!" button provides a short-cut to the full-text article online. In such cases, after clicking the button, you will see a link such as:

Full text available


Full text available


Clicking such a link will lead you to the electronic version of the full article!

Another link you may see is:

Check for copies in the library catalogue

Clicking such a link will take you into the library catalogue and look up the journal title for you (to see if U of T Libraries subscribes to the journal).

If you have previously found a citation (reference to an article), and now you want to retrieve the actual article:

The citation contains some key info to help you find the article: journal title, volume, year, and page numbers. (For help understanding a citation, see Deciphering Citations).

Your first stop should be our Current dentistry-related journals web page, to see if U of T currently subscribes to this journal, and whether we have it in print, or as an e-journal (electronic journal), or both.

If it's a print journal, just go to the shelves.


If you had a citation of an article which appeared in the journal Advances in dental research, then you would look under "A" in the Current dentistry-related journals web page, and you'd find the following indication that we currently receive this journal in print format..

Advances in dental research -- print journal

If it's an e-journal, we provide a link directly to it, and from there you can easily navigate to the full-text article.


Say you were looking for the article "One-year evaluation of an Ormocer restorative-a multipractice clinical trial" which appeared in: Clinical Oral Investigations. 7(1):20-6, 2003 Mar.

You would look for the journal title under "C" in the Current dentistry-related journals web page and find:

Clinical oral investigations -- e-journal

After clicking on the e-journal link, you would see the U of T Libraries entrance page for this e-journal:

Connect Now

You would click "Connect Now", and then you would see a list of issues of Clinical Oral Investigations:

Clinical oral investigations, Volume 7

You would click the link to volume 7, issue no. 1 (March 2003), and then you would see the table of contents for that issue:

One-year evaluation of an Ormocer 

You would scan it for your page numbers and article title, and once you spotted your article, you would click the link to view the full-text article.

When reading electronic journals from off campus, you will be prompted for your my.access barcode and PIN.

If the journal isn't listed on the Current dentistry-related journals web page:

For a fast route to key resources, go to the Dental Library home page and look in the Quick links
Quick links

For more information about journals, see our web page about Journals. And don't hesitate to ask us for help!

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