Jeffrey Rosenthal's Page about Margaret

Since June 1995, I have been dating Margaret Fulford. We were married in October 1999, at Hart House, by the wonderful Humanist celebrant Terri Hope; the ceremony took place in the Debates Room, with the reception and dinner in the Great Hall.

Margaret is a professional librarian who works at U.C. Library at University College at the University of Toronto; see her blog and twitter and this article and this video/mp4. She also maintains The Canadian Women Film Directors Database.

Margaret has previously worked at the Toronto Reference Library, the CBC music library, the Canadian Health Network, and the U of T Dental Library. She has designed many web sites, including those of journalists Robert Fulford and Geraldine Sherman, and portrait painter Brenda Bury. She edited the book The Canadian Women's Movement, 1960-1990: A Guide to Archival Resources. See also her Women in Film quizzes, Canadian movies, favourite movies, essay guide, and Medline tutorial.

Margaret is a big fan of music (she recently joined me in a house band) and movies (she regularly attends the Toronto International Film Festival), and she speaks excellent French with me. We both like the city in which we live, and also like going camping outside the city.

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