Ovid Medline Tutorial for Dentistry

Developed by Margaret Fulford, former Faculty Librarian, Faculty of Dentisty, University of Toronto

1    Introduction

2    Getting started
    A.  Selecting a database
    B.  The main search page
    C.  Mini quiz (3 questions)

3    Searching and search results
    A.  A simple search
    B.  Deciphering citations
    C.  The links below citations
    D.  The Results Manager
    E.  Other simple searches
    F.  Mini quiz (2 questions)

4    Searching for a topic
    A.  Searching by Subject Heading
    B.  Searching by Keyword
    C.  Searching by either Subject Heading OR Keyword
    D.  Mini quiz (3 questions)

5    Exploding
    A.  How and when to explode
    B.  Mini quiz (2 questions)

6    Subheadings
    A.  Including all subheadings
    B.  Choosing one subheading
    C.  Choosing several subheadings
    D.  Mini quiz (2 questions)

7    Focusing
    A.  How and when to focus
    B.  Mini quiz (2 questions)

8    Combining
    A.  Combining using "OR"
    B.  Combining using "AND"
    C.  Combining using both "OR" and "AND"
    D.  Mini quiz (2 questions)

9    Limiting
    A.  The most popular limits
    B.  Additional limits
    C.  Limits to avoid
    D.  Mini quiz (2 questions)

10    Master quiz (10 questions)

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Ovid Technologies, Inc. has granted permission to use Web pages, screen shots, and icons from the Ovid Web Gateway in this tutorial.

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