This is a (browser-friendly) copy of the agenda of the Serial Diners, a group founded in 1989 and dedicated to dining at every restaurant listed in the Toronto Yellow Pages, in alphabetical order, at the rate of one per week. The group meets every Friday at the designated restaurant at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome! See also the Serial Diners rules, awards, an article and article2 and article3 and article4 and television spot and French-language spot about them, a Dinermetrics report (pdf), some Serial Diners poetry (pdf), and the previous agenda.

January 16, 2015:
Marvellous Edibles Office.
124 Laird Drive (several blocks S of Eglinton: take 56 bus E from Eglinton Station [this bus eventually travels S on Laird]; or take 56 bus N from Donlands Station [this bus eventually travels N on Laird]).
Phone: 416-285-3349.

January 23, 2015:
Mary Brown's Chicken [Ed. Note: Sit down, Mary Brown.].
3199 Dufferin St. (at Samor, a few blocks N of Lawrence: take 29 bus from Wilson Station, which bus travels W on Wilson and then S on Dufferin; or, for a very long bus ride, take 29 bus N from Dufferin Station).
Phone: 416-787-0739.

January 30, 2015:
Mashu Mashu Mediterranean Grill [Ed. Note: Mashu Mashu man! I want to be a Mashu man!].
387 Spadina Rd. (just S of Lonsdale, 4-5 blocks N of St. Clair [i.e., not Spadina Ave. in Chinatown]: for the least walking, take 33 bus from St. Clair West Station [this bus eventually travels N on Spadina] - however, note that this bus is infrequent, running only once every half-hour; or take 512 streetcar E from St. Clair West Station or W from St. Clair Station to Spadina, then walk 4-5 blocks N).
Phone: 416-840-0848.

February 6, 2015:
Masquerade Cafe & Bar [Ed. Note: Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade! Hide your face, so the world will never find you!].
181 Bay St. (at Wellington, in Brookfield Place - but note that, despite the official address on Bay Street, the [defunct] restaurant itself is actually on Yonge, just S of Wellington, S of the Marche and right next door [on the north side] to the Hockey Hall of Fame: from King Station, walk S past Wellington).
Phone: 416-363-1487.

February 13, 2015:
Mastourah Inc.
141 Spadina Ave. (at Richmond, just S of Queen: take 510 streetcar S from Spadina Station; or take 501 streetcar W from Osgoode Station or Queen Station to Spadina, then walk S).
Phone: 416-598-3900.

February 20, 2015:
Mastros Restaurant.
890 Wilson Ave. (at Garratt Blvd. [which is called Northgate Dr. on the S side of Wilson], a few long blocks W of Dufferin: take 96 or 165 bus W from Wilson Station or York Mills Station) .
Phone: 416-636-8194.

February 27, 2015:
Matagali Restaurant.
69 Elm St. (1 block W of Bay: from Dundas Station, walk 2 blocks N to Elm, then walk W).
Phone: 416-599-9994.

March 6, 2015:
Matsuda Japanese Cuisine.
1300 Don Mills Rd. (at Bond, halfway between York Mills and Lawrence: take 25 bus S from Don Mills Station to Don Mills and Bond; or, for a longer bus ride, take 25 bus N from Pape Station to Don Mills and Chipping, then walk N).
Phone: 416-391-9188.

March 13, 2015:
Matts Company.
5527 Yonge St. (1 block S of Finch Station).
Phone: 416-221-7878.

March 20, 2015:
Max Cafe Bar & Grill [Ed. Note: ``When I was young, I invented an invisible friend called Mr. Ravioli. My psychiatrist says I don't need him anymore, so he just sits in the corner and reads.''].
1515 Birchmount Rd. (at Vauxhall, a few blocks S of Ellesmere: take 17 bus from Warden Station - this bus travels N on Birchmount).
Phone: 416-750-7959.

March 27, 2015:
918-M Wilson Ave. (just W of Garratt Blvd. [which is called Northgate Dr. on the S side of Wilson], a few long blocks W of Dufferin: take 96 or 165 bus W from Wilson Station or York Mills Station).
Phone: 416-633-8705.


April 3, 2015:
Mayday Malones Pub Rest [Ed. Note: And over there on the trombone... Mr. Tom ``Bones'' Malone!].
1078 Bathurst St. (just S of Dupont: take 7 bus N from Bathurst Station to Dupont; or walk about 7 blocks W from Dupont Station to Bathurst, then walk S).
Phone: 416-531-8064.

April 10, 2015:
Maye Restaurant.
1562 Weston Rd. (at Clouston, a few blocks NW of Jane: take 89 bus N from Keele Station to Weston and Clouston).
Phone: 416-244-6060.

April 17, 2015:
May's Deli [Ed. Note: ``So many pretty parts and no pretty wholes.''] .
181 University Ave. (at Adelaide, on the ground floor: walk N from St. Andrew Station).
Phone: 416-362-8775.


April 24, 2015:
Mazda Bakery Inc [Ed. Note: Zoom zoom zoom.].
1010 Danforth Ave. (at Donlands Station).
Phone: 416-466-9886.

May 1, 2015:
Mazz Restaurant.
993 Bloor St. West (just W of Dovercourt, a few blocks W of Ossington: walk W from Ossington Station).
Phone: 416-536-7631.

May 8, 2015:
McCowan Fish & Chips.
623 McCowan Rd. (at Perivale Cres., a couple of blocks S of Lawrence: take 16 bus from Warden Station to McCowan and Hollyhedge [which is the stop after Danforth and Hollyhedge] - if you get to Lawrence, you've gone too far; get off and walk S).
Phone: 416-431-9155.


May 15, 2015:
McDonald's Restaurant [Ed. Note: ``They call it a Royale with cheese.''].
970 Gerrard St. East (1 block E of Pape, in the Gerrard Square mall: take 506 streetcar E from College Station or Queen's Park Station; or take 72 bus S from Pape Station to Gerrard and Carlaw, then walk a few blocks E).
Phone: 416-461-8618.

May 22, 2015:
McGradies Tap and Grill .
2167 Victoria Park Ave. (just N of Ellesmere: take 24 bus N from Victoria Park Station; or take 95 bus E from York Mills Station to Ellesmere and Victoria Park).
Phone: 416-449-1212.

May 29, 2015:
Mcgugans Pub.
1058 Gerrard St. East (at Jones, several blocks E of Pape: take 83 bus S from Donlands Station to Gerrard; or take 506 streetcar E from College or Queen's Park Station [this streetcar eventually travels E on Gerrard]).
Phone: 416-901-9859.

June 5, 2015:
Mcsorley's Bar & Grill.
1544 Bayview Ave. (just N of Millwood, 1 block N of Davisville: take 11 bus from Davisville Station to Bayview and Millwood) .
Phone: 416-932-0655.

June 12, 2015:
Me and Mine [Webmaster's Note: I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.].
1144 College St. (just W of Dufferin: take 29 bus S from Dufferin Station to College, then walk W; or take 506 streetcar W from Queen's Park Station or College Station).
Phone: 416-535-5858.

June 19, 2015:
Meallenium Cafe .
931 Yonge St. (a couple of blocks S of Rosedale Station).
Phone: 416-961-2905.

June 26, 2015:
Meet Restaurant [Ed. Note: Perhaps I will have my fill... of Meet!].
2567 St. Clair Ave. West (at Batavia, 3 blocks E of Jane: take 35 bus N from Runnymede Station to St. Clair, then walk E; note that the 512 St. Clair streetcar does not go this far west).
Phone: 416-766-2569.

July 3, 2015:
Mega Wraps [AKA Wraps on the Go].
2 Bloor St West (at Yonge/Bloor Station, in the underground food court of the Cumberland Terrace mall).
Phone: 416-929-4435.

July 10, 2015:
Megas Restaurant.
402 Danforth Ave. (at Chester Station).
Phone: 416-466-7771.

July 17, 2015:
NEW YELLOW PAGES!!! See the new agenda for the first eligible restaurant listed after ``Megas Restaurant'' in the One Toronto Core Centre edition of the Toronto Yellow Pages. After all, you deserve a break today!

See also the Serial Diners rules, and the previous agenda.

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