This is a (browser-friendly) copy of the agenda of the Serial Diners, a group founded in 1989 and dedicated to dining at every restaurant listed in the Toronto Yellow Pages, in alphabetical order, at the rate of one per week. The group meets every Friday at the designated restaurant at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome! See also the Serial Diners rules, awards, an article and article2 and article3 and article4 and television spot and French-language spot about them, and the previous agenda.

July 10, 2015:
Megas Restaurant.
402 Danforth Ave. (at Chester Station).
Phone: 416-466-7771.

July 17, 2015:
Mekong River.
5468 Dundas St West (at Shaver Ave., W of Kipling: take 111, 112, or 123 bus W from Kipling Station to Shaver).
Phone: 416-236-9588.

July 24, 2015:
Melanie's Bistro & Patisserie [Ed. Note: You can't trust Melanie... but you can trust Melanie to be Melanie.].
1870 Danforth Ave. (just E of Glebemount, halfway between Coxwell and Woodbine: walk E from Coxwell Station or W from Woodbine Station).
Phone: 416-422-1870.

July 31, 2015:
Memories of Japan [Ed. Note: What did Bill Murray whisper to me?...].
900 Don Mills Rd. (in a strip mall at Barber Green Rd., S of Lawrence and N of Eglinton: take 25 bus S from Don Mills Station or N from Pape Station).
Phone: 416-449-3773.

August 7, 2015:
Memphis Pub Smoke House [Ed. Note: Try to put me through to her in Memphis, Tennessee.].
4916 Yonge St. (3 blocks N of Sheppard: walk N from Sheppard Station).
Phone: 416-225-2996.

August 14, 2015:
Menalon Restaurant.
841 Bloor St. West (at Shaw, 2 blocks E of Ossington: walk E from Ossington Station).
Phone: 416-536-7178.

August 21, 2015:
Menchie's St Clair West [Ed. Note: Dessert for dinner again, anybody?].
518 St. Clair Ave. West (just W of Bathurst: walk W from St. Clair West Station; or take 512 streetcar W from St. Clair West Station [a very short ride] or from St. Clair Station; or take 7 bus N from Bathurst Station to St. Clair.
Phone: 416-654-2000.

August 28, 2015:
Mengrai Gourmet Thai.
82 Ontario St. (at Richmond, 1 block S of Queen, a couple of blocks E of Sherbourne: take 501 streetcar E from Queen Station or Osgoode Station to Ontario, then walk S).
Phone: 416-840-2754.

September 4, 2015:
101 College St. (at Elizabeth St., E of University: walk E from Queen's Park Station or take 506 streetcar W [or walk] from College Station).
Phone: 416-595-5625.

September 11, 2015:
Merlot Restaurant [Ed. Note: ``No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving.''].
2994 Bloor St West (1 block E of Royal York: walk E from Royal York Station).
Phone: 416-236-0081.

September 18, 2015:
Meskerem Restaurant.
1333a Danforth Ave (at Lamb, 2 blocks E of Greenwood: walk E from Greenwood Station).
Phone: 416-645-6432.

September 25, 2015:
2311 Yonge St. (1 block N of Eglinton Station, right under Vortex Records!).
Phone: 416-483-5555.

October 2, 2015:
Meta Dos Leitoes [Ed. Note: Oooh, that's so meta!].
218 Geary Ave. (1 block N of Dupont, 1 block E of Dufferin: take 29 bus N from Dufferin Station to Dupont, walk N to Geary, then walk E).
Phone: 416-516-8119.

October 9, 2015:
Mexicali Rosa's.
545 Yonge St. (just S of Wellesley Station).
Phone: 416-929-3629.

October 16, 2015:
Mexican Tacos.
249 Augusta Ave. (in Kensington Market, just S of Nassau, halfway between College and Dundas, a couple of blocks W of Spadina: take 510 streetcar S from Spadina Station to Nassau, then walk W to Augusta; or take 506 streetcar W from Queen's Park Station or College Station to Major, then cross the street to Augusta and walk S; or take 505 streetcar W from St. Patrick Station or Dundas Station to Denison, walk 1 block E to Augusta, then walk N).
Phone: 416-977-8226.

October 23, 2015:
456 Danforth Ave. (just W of Logan, 2 blocks E of Chester: walk E from Chester Station).
Phone: 416-778-5150.

October 30, 2015:
Mezza Notte Trattoria.
5304 Yonge St. (a few blocks N of Empress Ave.: walk N from North York Centre Station).
Phone: 416-222-2888.

November 6, 2015:
Mi Mi Restaurant.
688 Gerrard St. East (1 long block E of Broadview: take 506 streetcar E from College Station or Queen's Park Station to Degrassi (the first stop after Broadview); or take 504 or 505 streetcar S from Broadview Station to Gerrard, then walk E).
Phone: 416-778-5948.

November 13, 2015:
Mi Pho Song Vu Inc.
2109 Jane St. (at Downsview, just N of the 401 and S of Wilson: take 96 or 165 bus W from Wilson Station or York Mills Station to Jane, then walk S; or take 35 bus N from Jane Station).
Phone: 416-614-0149.

November 20, 2015:
Michel's Baguette French Bakery Cafe.
65 Front St. West (in Union Station, on the lower floor).
Phone: 416-363-2031.

November 27, 2015:
168 McCaul St. (at Elm, a few blocks N of Dundas (1 block S of Baldwin), and a few blocks W of University: from St. Patrick Station, walk W to McCaul, then walk N).
Phone: 416-977-2929.

December 4, 2015:
Midland Pizza And Wings.
1051 Midland Ave. (at Lord Roberts Dr., N of Eglinton: take 57 bus from Kennedy Station - this bus goes N on Midland).
Phone: 416-901-1741.

December 11, 2015:
Midtown The.
552 College St. (at Euclid, 3 blocks W of Bathurst: take 506 streetcar W from Queen's Park Station or College Station; or take 511 streetcar S from Bathurst Station to College, then walk W).
Phone: 416-920-4533.

December 18, 2015:
Mihalis Place Dining.
791 Broadview Ave. (at Erindale, 1 block N of Danforth: walk N from Broadview Station).
Phone: 416-469-9565.

December 25, 2015:
Mikado Japanese Restaurant [Ed. Note: Here's a how-de-doo!].
972 Eglinton Ave. East (E of Brentcliffe, a few blocks E of Laird: take 34, 51, 54, or 100C bus E from Eglinton Station).
Phone: 416-696-9051.

January 1, 2016:
Mike's Liberty Grill.
153 Liberty St. (11/2 blocks E of Dufferin, 1 block S of King: take 29 bus S from Dufferin Station to Liberty, then walk E; or take 504 streetcar W from St. Andrew Station or King Station to Dufferin, walk S to Liberty, then walk E).
Phone: 416-536-4444.

January 8, 2016:
Milagro On Queen.
783 Queen St. West (at Manning, a few blocks W of Bathurst: take 501 streetcar W from Osgoode Station or Queen Station; or take 511 streetcar S from Bathurst Station to Queen, then walk W).
Phone: 416-366-2855.

January 15, 2016:
Milestones Festival Hall.
132 John St. (at Richmond, 1 block S of Queen, a few blocks W of University, in the same complex as the Scotiabank Theatre: from Osgoode Station, walk W to John, then walk S; or take 501 streetcar W from Osgoode Station or Queen Station to John, then walk S).
Phone: 416-595-1990.

January 22, 2016:
See the new agenda!

See also the Serial Diners rules, and the previous agenda.

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