Family history documents: Harold Rosenthal & family

Harold Rosenthal (1913-1983) is the paternal grandfather of my husband, Jeff Rosenthal; this is a collection of archival documents related to Harold and his brothers Irving and Sandy, their parents Albert Rosenthal and Naomi (Brock) Rosenthal, their grandparents, etc.

In researching family history, I have come across some fascinating documents such as census forms and marriage certificates -- and in the case of Naomi (Harold's mother), a U.S. government "Alien File."

I decided to post these documents online, as I think other family members will find them as interesting as I did.

You might also be interested in Family history documents: Esther Posner & family (about Harold's wife and her family).

-- Margaret Fulford, October 2014 (revised May 2017 and June 2021) (



Documents (with notes):

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