Family history documents: Esther Posner & family

Esther (Posner) Rosenthal (1914-1985) is my husband's (Jeff Rosenthal's) paternal grandmother; this is a collection of archival documents related to Esther and her siblings Sidney and Beatrice, their parents Jerome and Sonia, their grandparents, etc.

In researching family history, I have come across some fascinating documents such as census forms and marriage certificates. I decided to post these documents online, as I think other family members will find them as interesting as I did. You might also be interested in Family history documents: Harold Rosenthal & family (about Esther's husband and his family).

I am grateful for the information offered by family members, especially for the 1998 Rosenthal-Posner family tree created by Esther's youngest son and his youngest daughter, which provided crucial facts that made it possible to find the documents below.

If you have additional documents or memories to share, or if you find errors that need to be corrected, I would love to hear from you.

-- Margaret Fulford, May 2021 (



Documents (with notes):

1. Main documents -- these contain information about Esther (Posner) Rosenthal and her siblings, parents, and grandparents

2. Additional documents -- these contain information about the uncle, aunt, and cousins of Esther (Posner) Rosenthal

About the documents: